Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to R Soper Woodworking . 
   The first impression I want to provide is CUSTOMER SERVICE . I am a carpenter that has experienced just about all of the ways to work wood. From framing to fine cabinetry and many things between . With one consistency , to treat everything as if it was my own , With the upmost respect , with the best I have to offer and the fact that my name is attached to it . This means everything because you are your reputation. Customers must and will feel satisfied with the results of a project. I take pride in my Craftsmanship .
    My project range is from complete custom homes working with high-end architects , to small favors for friends. I have a network of tradesmen and resources to provide the best for any project.  With experience in traditional to extreme modernism , from renovation to new construction. Always searching for new and innovative products . Think green!

               I look forward to meeting new people and learning something new everyday. 

   "You Are what you Are  ...., from where you have been and where you are going , from who you know and who you will meet."

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